About Twin Oaks HEalth Solutions

First, let's talk about YOU!

We know that it can be frustrating never getting answers on your health or which direction to go. Being told your lab tests are normal even though you feel deep down inside that something’s wrong. Maybe you read endless books and health articles but they don’t seem to help the problem. You bounce from doctor to doctor and end up in the same place or worse. This results in endless frustration and doctors bills, and at the end of the day there is nothing to show for it.

The Big Problem Patients Face Today

How are you expected to get and stay your very best so you can live out your purpose in life, if you are not given the right information? 

We understand how maddening it can be thinking you are doing everything right but not seeing changes. It can make some lose hope…

I have good news for you: don’t give up!

I learned early on in practice that the majority of people who came in were not getting their health questions answered. As a result, their health was suffering, quickly followed by a downward spiral in their quality of life. Twin Oaks Health Solutions was started to address our practice members deepest health concerns in a different way. 

Our goal is to “Help Real People get Real Results”. 

We don’t mask symptoms with medication or drugs, but we get at the root, underlying cause through a process called Functional Medicine.

We know how important it is for people to be engaged and participate in their health. 

By educating practice members in their health they become empowered to take action themselves, to regain their health and continue to get results for the rest of their lives. The purpose is to help clients escape the broken Healthcare model so they do not have to rely on the endless doctor’s visits and the ever mounting number of medications.Through Functional Medicine and an education clients are empowered and inspired to take action and have the knowledge in their health and wellness.

Give yourself the chance to be the hero of your own story.


Our Mission

To Educate and Empower in Health and Wellness

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Dr. Sauer, On A Mission To Empower Practice Members

Founder of Twin Oaks Health Solutions

Dr. Sauer is an educator at heart, he understands the challenges that clients face in their health and in the healthcare system, these frustrations brought to light why there must be a better way back to health. His burning desire is to empower clients to set themselves free from having to rely on diet programs, medications, doctors’ visits and surgeries. On his spare time Dr. Sauer likes to ski, bike, be outside and spend time with his family.

Krystle Sauer

Marketing and Content Manager

Krystle has a passion for helping spread the message of health and wellness that can be attained by anyone who decides to take action. She is a full-time mom and Content Manager for Twin Oaks Health Solutions. Krystle loves spending time with family, being involved with her church and spending time outside!

Owen Sauer

Morale Officer

Owen Sauer has not been on the team for very long and is very excited for his new role! He too shares in the goal and passion that Twin Oaks sets out to achieve, he loves giving you a kiss or shaking your hand just to let you know you’re doing great and to keep up the good work! In his spare-time he loves taking naps, making tiger noises, eating, going down slides, playing with his stuffed giraffe and going outside. If you are in the office at the same time as he is (he has odd hours) he would love to say hi!

How To get started

We Believe In Education First

- This Is Why We Host Educational Seminars On Your Health And    Show You What You Can Do About It
- Discover A Wellness Model That Has Been Proven By 100's Of   Clients
- Have Unresolved Belly Fat? Thyroid Issues? Fatigue? Insomnia? Hormonal Imbalances? Call The Office! 701-356-3255

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